ATS China


Company profile

type approval

Technical Service and Inspection Body in the Automotive sector


Internal Laboratory and different Partnerships with external Laboratories


Certification Body accredited according to ISO 17021-1: 2015

whole vehicle approval

Testing activities to obtain the approval of the complete vehicle


Inspection Body accredited according to ISO 17020: 2012

vehicles parts approval

Approval and production control of vehicles components and systems

ats app

ATS is pleased to announce the launch of the new corporate platform, ATS APP, which is fully web-based and can be accessed through any internet browser, both on desktop and mobile.

The platform ensures immediate usability and high productivity in compiling and managing various services for clients and employees.

remote inspection system

Using cutting-edge technology, inspections can be conducted at your facilities, under the supervision of an ATS inspector, anywhere in the world.

IRS, our innovative platform, will enable you to be guided by a remote and real-time expert inspector throughout the inspection process.

IRS, available on the ATS app, can be used on a desktop or any internet-connected device.

accreditations and designations

ATS is designated by the Technical Service by the Homologation Authority of the Republic of San Marino (homologation code E57), by the Swedish Transport Agency - Transportstyrelsen (homologation code E5 / e5), and by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (homologation code E24 / e24).

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